Lauren has been an incredible support during my health journey. She is non-judgmental, kind, calm and compassionate. Lauren is not only brilliantly resourceful, she is excellent at helping me problem solve and remain hopeful and optimistic. I am grateful for all I have gleaned from speaking with Lauren!
- Client
I want to emphasize how Lauren helps maximize doctor-patient communication: a skill she is so adept at! Since time with providers is quite limited, going in to them prepared with her keen guidance has made meetings with providers more efficient and effective!
- Client
Thank you so very much for your help, I am smiling from ear to ear! You bring me energy and positivity all day! You inspire me so much. It really brings me a lot of comfort and encouragement that I can talk to Lauren.
- Client
I’m so inspired, it makes me cry. You are amazing. I truly mean that!!! I just needed to reach out to you, something just told me to! I aspire to have the confidence in life and in myself like you do!!
- Client
Thank you so much for your interesting insights into neurochemistry. You’ve obviously done a lot of research!
- Family Medicine MD and Client
Your services are such a blessing to those who need to navigate their way through the often complex and confusing medical system.
- Neuroplasticity Specialist
You have so much to offer - your combination of inspirational tenacity as well as knowledge is such a support for your clients.
- Health Writer
I wholeheartedly enjoy assisting you on your health pathway. - Lauren