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Collaborate with a Healthcare Ally

Those with unmanaged health conditions all too often share a familiar story. Doctors may be hesitant to take next steps or even ask you to “accept your new normal” before you feel ready. Individuals may feel endlessly passed from specialty to specialty, and alternative medicine may not provide adequate results either. Others may have adequate medical support, but wish for connection or motivation. 

It is reasonable to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or confused. My passion is helping bridge the gap between doctors, the healthcare system, and those with unmanaged conditions to optimize patient benefit.

I offer complimentary 15 min consultations to learn more. Relaxed one hour Zoom sessions allow for detailed discussion of your overall plan and exploration of new ideas and care strategies. From there, we formulate an actionable plan to obtain the information and care that interests you.


We Can Navigate Together

Team of Providers
Complex conditions typically involve a team of specialists. Are each of your needs being met?
Review of Care
Establish what is helping you most. What areas could you benefit from additional care?
Research Concepts
Ideas from research stimulate conversation and proactive care planning with providers.
Formulate A Plan
Together we will formulate an actionable plan for obtaining the care that interests you.
Comfort Tips
Learn about safe home remedies and comfort tips you can incorporate for your situation.
Track & Celebrate
Sharing your areas of progress fosters accomplishment and momentum!

Collaboration Options
  • Meet with Lauren
  • Learn more about healthcare allyship
  • 15 min - Zoom session
  • Review history & care
  • Establish collaboration goals
  • 60 min - Zoom session
  • Discuss progress & plan
  • Explore ideas & care strategies
  • 60 min - Zoom session

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