MEET LAURENYour Healthcare Ally


I am a member of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy. Through this organization, we strive to enhance the lives of patients while adhering to a rigorous Code of Ethics, which I uphold in my work.

My early experiences with health navigation first came through my own need for appreciable healthcare, living with a rare neuromuscular condition. My leading specialist had thoughtfully urged me to accept my new normal. I was heartbroken, yet emboldened to forge ahead because I realized I was not ready to give up hope yet. In my quest for targeted support and condition management, I invested significant effort and heart to investigate new care concepts and strategize my approach. Progression of my condition has halted and I continue to experience symptom improvement each year. I am quite satisfied with this!

While our health pathways are unique to each of us, I have gained a number of practical skills and knowledge that make navigating cumbersome health scenarios more fulfilling and efficient. I have been honored to support many with their health pathways through the years.

I wholeheartedly look forward to joining you on your health pathway. 

Why am I a healthcare ally?

Receiving meaningful care is a common goal for those needing healthcare, but accessing it can prove unexpectedly challenging. I understand the complications in navigating health pathways and methods to help solve them. I wish to assist these brave individuals.

Why a Nuthatch?

The nuthatch is a delightful, unassuming bird that embodies courage, resourcefulness and adaptability – a brave soul.

Lauren Dinkel

Healthcare Ally